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July 2013 - parental control service for ipad, ipod and other devices
We're delighted to announce that our service for setting up and maintaining parental controls on a home or office network have been launched. Make sure your kids or staff are not accidentally discovering sites that you don't want them to. Click here to find out more.parental controls available for ipad ipod and mobile devices

October 2011 - ipad beamer released
ipad beamer from hopgood.euWe're delighted to announce that our beta release of interactive ipad beamer is launched. A separate webpage and facebook fanpage is launched. This amazing tool allows customers and visitors to your website to select their favourite products and view them on your plasma screen in your showroom. A truly interactive and personal experience for your customer. Click here to find out more.

September 2009 - cost savings software portfolio released
From saving money on ongoing bills to clawing back years of overspend from telecoms, we've got a range of solutions which are low or zero risk in ensuring that your spending profile is efficient.

June 2009 - world of me.com portal launched
We've now created the worldofme.com portal which brings together the Prepario! software with some powerful training content. Several modules are available, such as

* Employee benefits - savings, discounts, financial services and what's on (over £800 of annual savings)

* Training videos - from European Computer Driving Licence, through XP and to marketing excellence, a range of videos are available which enhance your staff knowledge.

* Training programs - stress management, mental toughness and customised training.

All this is available as a portal (web site similar to an intranet) which can be easily integrated into your existing communications systems such as plasmanet, campfires and intranet.

March 2009 - hopgood.eu to merge with Prepario!
Following on from a successful year of software development, hopgood.eu is now pleased to announce that it will be merging with Prepario!
Directors Mark Hopgood, Sharon Cullinane and Rebecca Jones are now offering communications solutions through a portfolio of tools and techniques. The transition of products and services will take us into 2010.

February 2009 - Software as a service provision

hopgood.eu is now offering software as a service in order to provide additional service benefits to some customers. hopgood.eu now has the capability to deliver total flexibility according to their customers needs. Capabilities include hosted solutions, virtualisation and ultra secure / higly available instant systems.

February 2009 - Dermatology Consultants

hopgood.eu is delighted to have won a contract to provide an information channel using mybusinesstv to Dr Anne Farrell, consultant at Dermatology Consultants in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

January 2009 - Plasmanet Software
hopgood.eu is pleased to be providing Plasmanet software and support and is now the exclusive provider of this powerful digital signage software.

January 2009 - Prepario! Launching

hopgood.eu is launching a new business improvement programme which combines training, learning and development along with commincations tools to help improve business.

December 2008 - improving channel for streetbroadcast
hopgood.eu is pleased to announce that it has helped to enhance streetbroadcast's channel, by enabling 38 of their screet based screens to show entertainment news and business news.

November 2008 - providing communications tools to V&A

hopgood.eu has provided communications software to the V&A museum through partner, Plasmanet UK Ltd. The system allows teams to communicate when they are out of the office.

October 2008 - empowering Sainsbury's teams
We are pleased to announce that this is the third time we have had the opportunity to work with Sainsbury's. This time, hopgood.eu has provided communications software to allow non desk based teams to communicate.

Example, myBusinessTV - communicating vision and goals

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