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We've created channels of information which range from mini website channels, email campaigns, through to TV channels for broadcast within your organisation to screens or the desktop. Give us just 2 problems within your organisation and we'd love to talk with you about how we can help to turn them into opportunities.

Getting your team up to date with the latest information and ensuring they have read, undestood and complied with regulatory needs, is a challenge for any business. We can help by automating some of the tricky parts and encouraging a culture of learning within your organisation.

We are able to gather and present feedback from a variety of sources, e.g.

  • Email
  • Text message
  • Written surveys
  • Focus group
  • Interviews
  • Internet

All of which can help to guage the status of your business and allow you to act in a positive way to move forward.

Continuous improvement cycle
By deploying a business system which nurtures a culture of learning and feedback, we can truly say that a continuous improvement cycle can be achieved, something which is often glossed over by ISO 9000 accrediation, which is just the beginning of a road to continuous improvement.

Health and Safety
In order to comply with the latest in HSE regulation and guidance, it is important that every memeber of staff is aware of their responsibilities and resources available to them. We can help with targeting the most important and appropriate aspects of health and safety and communicating them to your teams.

Learning and development
Follow this link to our learning and development page.

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TV, newspaper and the
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Available with:
- RSS and Intranet connector
- Sharepoint connector

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Insight into making visual communications work for
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You can contact us in the
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