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Content - delivered, live!
A well hackneyed phrase, 'content is king' sums up the need to have content that is fresh, entertaining, informative and engaging. At hopgood.eu we give you automated live engaging content that is relevent to your audiences and can be published to any medium, e.g.

  • Digital Signage - Live TV, real time data, graphs from excel and databases
  • Web - Live TV, sceduled content, real time data, graphs from excel and databases
  • PDA - newsletters, live data, 2 way sms
  • Phone - newsletters, live data, 2 way sms
  • Intranet - Live TV, sceduled content, real time data, graphs from excel and databases

Examples of previous projects

  • Streetbroadcast - live news to 38 screens in street locations
  • Vanquis bank- live tube information to digital signage system (graphics & text)
  • EDF Energy Trading - live graphs showing gas supply and demand
  • HPC - live news TV mixed with excel statistics
  • Coca Cola Enterprises - scheduled target
  • BP - canteen menu information

Live demonstration

Click the following link to see a demonstration page showing example live content - live TV and business news (RSS)

Live Demo (opens in a new window)

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