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Who is Mark N Hopgood?
Also known as the guy in the black glasses, Mark N Hopgood is an entrepreneur and as Steve Jobs (RIP) would decribe, "one of the hungry and foolish". Since primary school he always wrote that he wanted to build bridges when he grew up.
How can Mark help you? Better yourself or your business today by speaking with Mark.

"Having worked with Mark on projects which have encompassed both complex and leading edge technologies requiring a great deal of thinking outside of the box I can recommend Mark as an insightful and practical leader able to grasp the opportunities presented by step changes in software and hardware solutions. His quiet, thoughful approach leads to enthusiastiasm and rapid delivery of solutions." Richard Manly, Business Development EMEA, Venturcom Inc.

What are bridges for?
Bringing different groups of people together? Allowing things to pass from one side to another, easily? Creating a shortcut for everyone's benefit? That's what we do. We build bridges between 3 groups of people; Managers, Employees and Customers.
The result? Better quality, performance and a stronger sense of community.

"enabled me to develop and nurture a sense of community for the BP residents at Stockley Park" Comms Manager, BP

Turning a challenge into an opportunity
hopgood.eu helps businesses like yours to gather information, mobilise your team, plan, communicate, share and act in a coordinated, focused way.

"delivers both corporate and local information in a very visual, friendly way" Comms Manager, Sainsbury's

Empower your team with knowledge sharing tools
hopgood.eu brings you tools that help you systemise your business and share essential knowledge. Our easy to understand program benefits you, your team and ultimately your business. By helping you to communicate visually and collaborate with your teams, we help you to get a lot more impact from your corporate message and direction.

"The interface is very easy to use, clear and delivers what was asked for" Telephony Systems Analyst, Coca Cola Enterprises

Example, myBusinessTV - communicating vision and goals

Keeping the message front of mind - a powerful team focus

You can't afford to ignore team communications, but you can't be there reminding them all the time. In order to constantly improve, you and your team need to be adapting and learning, together. hopgood.eu allows your message to remain front of mind.

Capture the 80% that can't attend
Systems from hopgood.eu allow knowledge sharing and collaboration. When running a course, the 80% of staff that aren't in attendance miss out. Using our systems, you ensure that knowledge is not lost, or forgotten. You can reach 100% of the people all of the time.

Remember the often forgotten workforce
Many business systems rely on desktop or PC use. Systems from hopgood.eu allow mobile workers and those without desks to participate fully in any communications and knowledge sharing. This makes for a consistent message or communications platform that levels the playing field of knowledge. Essential for modern business to survive.

Complete the cycle of improvement
Organisations that have acheived ISO 9000 or 'investors in people' have long recognised that accreditation is not an end point, but only a beginning. Organisations must continue to gather data, monitor processes and seek continuous improvement opportunities. Systems from hopgood.eu nurture a culture of communication that can help broadcast and encourage feedback. This allows opportunities to be created.

An approach to suit your business
Our team of project managers, application developers and designers work with you to create workplace tools, software and offer services for business that everyone can understand. The results...

  • Improved awareness of business direction - aligned team
  • Improved participation - community
  • Raised level of skills and training - nurturing a culture of learning
  • Less stress, with increased levels of motivation - participation
  • Increased customer service levele
  • Improved safety and awareness levels
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You can contact us in the
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We're based in England, UK




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